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“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

― Mother Teresa

S.A.M.E. utilizes a donation-based model to empower participants to donate what they can or what they will on the day of class or a month in advance. An $8 minimum per class or $30 monthly class package is suggested. However, any donation is welcome, which ultimately contributes to our mission of making inclusive dance expression and creative movement accessible to all. Cash donations will be collected after all classes. On-line donations (coming soon) are welcome, as well. In the online box please indicate the class date(s) that you are donating for. Please note that while classes are based on donations, registration is still required for all classes (including free sample classes) to reserve a space.

Be sure to Download our Registration pack and bring it to your first class! Interested in a particular class – click the RSVP button and reserve a spot.

Register now – classes have started! Use our online Contact form or call us by phone 315-604-8118.

Movin’ and Groovin’ Monarchs

This is a 30 minute dance and creative movement program designed for both caregiver and child/children (suggested) 2-6 years of age. Through dance, participants are provided the opportunity to bond, relieve stress and explore Mind Body Connection. The class is structured to encourage opportunities for verbalization and aid in transitions. 

Bouncing Butterflies

This is a 30 minute dance and creative movement program for all those children (suggested) 2-4 years of age whom like to bounce whether it be with their legs or bums! Within this class your child will use a child safe trampoline to explore movement, dance, and social games. This class is structured to encourage opportunities for verbalization and aid in transitions. 

Just for Fun! 

This is a 30 minute class for adults who enjoy dancing Just for FunWith a focus on body awarenessdance is used as a great way to practice self-care through movement and fast paced fun. The class structure includes warm up, mini-routines to song, ending in stretch. All levels welcome, no formal training necessary! 

Express Yourself 

This is an adult expressive lyrical dance and movement class. The curriculum for this 30 minute class focuses on mind, body, connection with attention to breath in relation movement. The class structure includes warm up, mini-routines to song, ending with stretch and relaxation techniques. All levels are welcome, there is no formal training necessary.  

Mommy’s Me-Time 

For only 30 minutes once a weekcaregivers are given the opportunity recharge their batteries, practice some much needed self-care and connect and engage with other parents and caregivers. As part of this Supportive Community we will have candid conversations, share realistic ways to practice daily self-care, and have some fun along the way! Refreshments served. 

Sensory Art & Play

This is a 30 minute class that encourages children to learn through sensory exploration. The curriculum for this class includes sensory art and play activities with a focus on the process, not the result. This class assists with fine motor skills and expressive individual development. This class is open to ALL children (suggested) ages 1-4, with special attention to those with Sensory Integration Dysfunction Disorder.

Toddler Social Hour

Calling ALL Toddlers! For one action packed hour, children (suggested) ages 1-4 engage and explore through structured, self-directed and peer to peer play. Participants of Social Hour can expect a Gluten-Free/Casein-Free snack each class and monthly field trips within the safe and controlled Finger Lakes Mall. Come to Social Hour where functional play and social connectedness are encouraged!

Open Thera-play

S.A.M.E. is opening its Center exclusively to individuals and their service providers to use our space and wish to receive therapies and services outside of the home.

 Au-mazing 1

This is a 30 minute class for teens and adults based on Autism Movement Therapy. This class explores the use of movement and dance to encourage inter-hemispheric sensory integration. The class structure includes warm up, basic movement and exploration, ending in a calm stretch, with focus given to breath.

Au-mazing 2

This is a 30 minute class for older children. The curriculum is based on fundamentals of Autism Movement Therapy. This class explores dance and creative movement to encourage inter-hemispheric sensory integration with attention to social connectedness. The class structure includes warm up, basic movement and exploration, ending and transitioning to a calm exercise.

 Chair of Cheer!

Chair of Cheer is a 30 minute seated dance class designed to be a FUN effective and gentle way to improve strength, circulation, and coordination. Ideal for seniors, wheel chair users, individuals with limited mobility or anyone looking for a low impact class.

Sensory Art & Expression

For 1 hour children (suggested) ages 5 and up practice expression through sensory exploration. Children will be given different opportunities to experience and foster their creative thinking through the use of their senses. Class structure varies pending on size and dynamics. A light snack will be provided.

What to Wear – Come as you are!

There is no dress code for movement and dance classes. Please dress you and/or minor child in attire that is most comfortable, this includes foot wear (or lack there of). I encourage parents/caregivers to dress children in clothes that showcase their personalities and make them feel most confident. 

Please note all Service Providers and Coordinators are welcome to attend any and all S.A.M.E. classes with respective S.A.M.E. participants.

Private and Remote Classes are available. For additional questions and/or appointment scheduling including scheduling your Birthday Party please use our Contact page.