About us

Since 2017

My Mission

 S.A.M.E. is an ideological method and approach to inclusive and empowering programming and services. Our inclusion initiative is governed by principles that reflect our core values; these are exemplified through a culture where community, accessibility, autonomy, self-determination, non-judgement, partnership, connectivity, servitude and citizenship thrive. 

As a mother, I want for my children what they deserve. A life free of stigma, discrimination and full of possibility.

It was mid-September 2017 when my daughter had her regression. It was sudden and it was frightening. I often refer to it as a “light switch” effect. One minute she was happy, playing, engaged, and had a handful of words and within days all it was gone. And she became unhappy. And I became sad. I felt like she was a shell of the toddler that once there. And I became a shell of a mom that I once was.


Instinctively, I reached out to everyone, searched for answers and tried desperately to connect with a little girl that no longer looked at me or hugged me or showed me any type of affection. I did what I knew best. I leaned in. And we danced. By dancing, it gave her the vestibular and input that she was craving. It accessed different parts of her brain. I used to elicit verbalization and it was a stress relief for all of us. I began to share this technique with other families. The whole while, sharing my vision of someday creating a safe space for all families of all abilities.

As fate would have it, that day came. And I began to serve our community through a different lens, that of a special need’s mom. With a focus on inclusion and integration, S.A.M.E. is not exclusive to special needs families. Rather breaking barriers and demonstrating how everyone can truly be served and embraced simultaneously. I can say my daughter is now happy. She continues to inspire and teach neurodiversity.


S.A.M.E. initially started as integrated dance, evolving to a sensory center with inclusive programming and has now grown into a community-based initiative with family partnership at the forefront.


In addition, we also empower women through S.A.M.E. Sorority. An inclusive Social Club where we champion women supporting women, with a social mission of empowering and elevating the status of women.

Welcome to S.A.M.E., where everyone is welcome and celebrated.