Compassion Caregiver Coaching
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Compassion Caregiver Coaching 

As a special need’s mom and small business owner, not only have I personally experienced Burnout Syndrome, but the most common concern I hear from other parents, caregivers and service professionals is how exhausted and overwhelmed they are. I often say, “Just as a flower gets it nourishment from its roots, a child’s health, well-being and safety starts with the wellness of their caregivers and support team at home”. Therefore, I have made it my mission to empower others with the tools necessary to be the best version of themselves. We may not be able to change our circumstance, however we can change our response and feelings to it. 

As parents, caregivers, and professionals in which we serve with compassion and sacrifice, we need support and empowerment so that we can be at our best; both for ourselves and the people for which we serve and love. Through education, support, community, and wellness, Compassion Caregiver Coaching offers strategies that address the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Syndrome and compassionate non-judgmental support.