Let Those Dishes Wash Themselves

Who’s excited for Fall?

In so many ways and for so many reasons, people look forward to the changes that fall signifies, and I think it is safe to say, in particular this fall.

One thing I don’t lack is self-discipline. I thrive when I’m in pursuit of a goal. All good things, right? Well, as the ol’ saying goes… “everything in moderation”.

With the start of fall programming coming soon for S.A.M.E., I couldn’t be more excited. And as I get excited, I get laser focused.

Prior to COVID-19, I can easily say that I was burning the candle at both ends. Over quarantine, I had to retrain my body and brain to do LESS. Essentially, to live more simply. What a gift.

Therefore, as I move forward, instead of waking at 5:00am I have made a promise to myself. I promise to allow myself to sleep later as I have over the past months of COVID, if circumstance permits. So that I can be at my best for myself and my family. There may be dishes in my sink and laundry not yet put away, but I am confident that if you were to ask my kiddos if they want a mom whom is dead tired at the end of the night or one whom is fully present, they would respond with, “what dirty dishes”?

So, here’s to new beginnings and letting those dishes wash themselves.

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