As I sat on the sofa last night (yes, I was actually sitting), my daughter looked at me and says “Let’s play”.  

Two of my favorite words these days. A. She’s speaking and using her words functionally. B. She asked to PLAY

I often speak to Gia’s lack of play. How she has and is learning to play. How it has become functional and even imaginative at times. In fact, I have prioritized learning to play before many skills, especially imaginative and explorative. 

I’m often asked if Gia lines things up. Heck yes she does! Daily. And that’s okay. You see, I don’t ask that her play be traditional because she’s not traditional. I simply ask that it be functional. Therefore, after she’s done lining up her toys or arranging them in a way that feels right to her, I challenge her for the next step and then the next step.

So, as the season of gratitude and thanksgiving falls upon us; I lean into moments like these, with an appreciation as to how far she has come. 

And yeah, Mama would love to play. 

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