If all that I accomplish in life is to give my children a sense of knowing that they are loved by God, then my life has been well spent.

I am deeply passionate about accessibility to faith for the differently abled community. Barriers such as body-life, theological, and a lack of support and inclusivity prevent many families and individuals from practicing their faith in meaningful ways. The ability to practice one’s faith is not a luxury; this is a basic human right.

For my children Anthony and Gia, our daily life is simply infused with spirituality. Though, my theological approach and education is different for my two differently minded children. While inclusive accessibility is a societal responsibility, it has been my privilege as their mom to create an understanding, invitation and ultimately heart for God.

So, how does this look? For Anthony, a verbal learner, my approach has been conversational peppered with facts, historical reference, reading and prayer. For Gia, a divergent visual learner, it’s more incremental. In addition to song, I offer relational references, and prayer (which for our family is less formal and more conversational). As she moves forward in the evolution of her spiritual journey and we move into the spiritual holiday Christmas, our next steps are play and reading.

Gia means “God is gracious” and Anthony means “worthy of praise” and is associated with Saint Anthony the “finder of lost gifts”. My children are living truth that God is full of grace and that being their mom has been my greatest gift in life. More than I ever prayed for.

  • Mary
    Posted at 13:52h, 25 October

    How can we practically break down the barriers so families of differently ables children be included? I heard one family explained that they attended what they called back door church. Their child and mom would come at the end of service and catch the last bit of church and as they became more comfortable and started connecting their desire to engage more increased. One family found that their child enjoyed serving and didn’t necessarily go into the sanctuary. Still able to be a part of the body of Christ!

  • Michele DeRegis
    Posted at 20:01h, 25 October

    This is a super article.
    Very true and heart felt for special needs families to celebrate 🎉their uniqueness. Also, very uplifting and inspiring for people to understand our daily lives and how to appreciate the most important gifts 🎁 in life. (God creating each of us to share our lives and glorify him ).

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