Do you know of S.A.M.E. Sorority?

A source of great joy in my life, S.A.M.E. Sorority simply put it, is an inclusive supportive community of amazing women. We move beyond tolerance.

We are diverse in every way and yet we are unified.

We are an example.

Let me say that again. We are an example that regardless of our differences (that are a natural part of life) we can be respectful, supportive, and dare I say- loving. We move beyond tolerance. We embrace. Yeah, It’s the best kind of community.

I am proud of S.A.M.E. Sorority and most importantly, I am proud to be a Sister to such an inspiring group of people. Especially at this very moment, during such stressful times when there is so much division. S.A.M.E. Sorority isn’t that. What it is, is a safe space with a mission of inclusion, empathy, non-judgement, and lifting one another up.

To all my Sisters that may be reading this post, know this; It is an honor to be your Sorority Sister. We walk through happy days, silly days, and sad days because we are human with human moments. Some of you I have met, some of you I have not. And yet, I feel like I’ve known many of you for years. We have served one another, and now I look forward to serving others side by side.

Go Team go.

For more information on how to join this community please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/samesorority or visit https://www.soulandmindevolution.com/our-services/

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