Will You Dress Your Christmas Tree for Easter?

Easter is tomorrow and Gia has asked me to put up our Christmas tree.

I can confidently say that this past Christmas season was the first that Gia really enjoyed, synthesized, and accepted. It was incredibly moving to witness her processing and cataloging as we moved through the season and Easter is looking very much the same.

Her Easter dress has hung in her room for over a week now, giving her opportunity to see and accept it in her own time. She has wanted nothing to do with it, in fact she has insisted I take it down on several occasions. Then a few nights ago right before bed she spontaneously decided it was the perfect time to look her Easter best.

So, last night when Gia requested a Christmas book and asked to put up our Christmas tree I smiled big as I knew that she’s intuitively recognizing another holiday is amongst us.

So, we may be kicking it up a notch in the Van Ditto-Warter household today as we add a pine tree to our last minute Easter festivities. And looking our best to boot.

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