September is National Self-Care Awareness Month and technically today is still September so in typical Christina fashion we’re “right on time” …

If you know or follow me, you know I’m a big proponent of self-care. Admittingly, I wasn’t always this way though. It was only out of sheer necessity that I began to prioritize my wellness and the quality of my life.

There was a time when I can remember thinking, “I’m going to flippin’ lose it”. As a new special need’s mama, I was new to meltdowns, de-regulation, non-verbal frustrations and self-injury. Add an inability to work outside of the home (barriers to employment for special need’s caregivers is a topic for another day), sleep deprivation, and feeling powerless to help one of the most important people in my life. It was safe to say, I was on the brink…

I recognized that I had to make changes, immediately. I knew I needed some care. But how? When the dialogue around self-care included scheduling mani’s or pedi’s, getting a massage, or having a “girl’s night out”. In fact, alone time in general wasn’t in the cards at that particular time in our story, as in those days I literally could not leave the room without my daughter going into crisis. My life circumstances weren’t going to change, and I didn’t necessarily even want them to. I just needed to show up, find joy and be at my best for everyone in it.

So, I started to make my life work for me. I found personalized ways to improve and prioritize my wellness. I took ownership of my self-care. It wasn’t up to anyone or anything else. And it started with very small, incrementable actions.

I put in daily practices that supported my whole self, and now it has simply become a way of life. And the best part of this lifestyle is modeling and sharing it with my children. Now that is the gift that keeps on giving.

Disclaimer, despite my due diligence, there are days when I’m overscheduled, distracted, and anything less than “present and calm”. But that’s okay, because I slap on my essential oils and cut myself a whole lot of slack. After all, there is no right or wrong way to be gentle with yourself.

The take away from this is; we find ourselves intensely busy these days, for reasons that are as unique as our life stories. Just know regardless of your circumstance, self-care is for everyone, and that my darling includes you. So, whether you’ve been putting wellness practices in place for while now or you’re just starting your journey, trust “you’re right on time”.

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